Large Mobius

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Mobius in copper Painted Mobius


I have always liked Mobius strips, from when I first saw them as a boy, at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. These are a two-dimensional mathematical shape twisted into three dimensional space. There is only one "side"; if you follow the surface of the strip it goes all the way around, with no "inside" or "outside". Similarly, a Mobius has only one edge.

I have made a whole series of these Mobius strips, from a variety of materials, in various sizes. The first ones I made the hard way, but subsequently I made some special tools, including "stakes", to help me make these strips. Like most things, the results are better with practice and better tools. I enjoy making Mobius strips, and I like the way they look.

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Large mobius painted red


Title: Mobius
Material: Painted Steel
50 by 30 inches (125 by 75 cm)
65 inches high with stand

This is the largest Mobius that I have made to date. I developed some new tools and techniques that will be useful on larger Mobius.

This Mobius has a shiny automobile paint finish.

This Mobius has been accepted into the following public art programs:
Art Around Town, Carbondale Colorado, 2022-2023
Art on Loan, Centennial Colorado, 2017-2018
Artsites, Monument Colorado, 2017-2018
Sculptures on 73rd Street, Westminster Coloraod, 2012-2013
Avenues of Art, Gillette Wyoming, 2011-2012.

Large mobius painted red


Title: Mobius
Material: Painted Steel
Size: 30 by 18 inches (75 by 45 cm)
42 inches high with stand

This Mobius is smaller than the Mobius shown above, with a semi-flat paint finish.

This was the first Mobius that I made working with a local fabrication shop. Their machinery makes it possible for me to make large Mobius.

This piece was in the Articulture public art program at Spring Creek Gardens in Fort Collins during 2010.


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